This material references Disclosure GRI 101: Foundation 2016, 102-42, 102-46, 102-50, 102-51 and 102-54 of GRI 102: General Disclosures 2016 and 103-1 of GRI 103: Management Approach 2016

The Annual Sustainability Report, dated April 30th, 2021, which covers a full year of operation, from January 1, 2020 to December 31 of the same year, is the second annual sustainability report of Grupo Comercial Chedraui, SAB de C.V.

This report was prepared, for second consecutive year, using GRI Standards 2016 as reference and serves as a tool for Grupo Chedraui to move forward with a stronger and gradual adoption of the best practices established by the Global Reporting Initiative, as well as to improve the transparency and depth of each report in the future.

It is worth noting that for this year, despite not having a materiality study to assist in the preparation of the report and guide a more accurate selection of the Company’s significant economic, environmental, and social impacts, the investor relations team, which prepares the Grupo Chedraui’s financial reports, with the opinion of IRDesign, a firm specializing in the preparation of sustainability reports, defined the following points as material issues for the report:

Grupo Chedraui believes that these aspects, together with their respective breakdown, reasonably cover the performance, progress, achievements, and issues that the Company’s stakeholders may deem most important. In this regard, the Company will welcome any feedback and suggestions, and will be more than pleased to address any question from its stakeholders in connection with the preparation of its annual sustainability report.

Additionally, to verify the information disclosed in this report, as well as to provide greater certainty to the statements included, the following materials:

The information herein disclosed contains in a comprehensive manner, the economic, social, and sustainable performance of Grupo Chedraui, duly identified by subtopics and backed by visual elements to ease their understanding.

The Company considers that the information disclosed fairly reflects its operating performance, without omitting information on actions that could have been better executed or that had a negative impact during 2020.

The information covered in this report is drafted and organized in a simple and straightforward manner, using two tables of contents, one to ease the search for relevant information, and the other one to reference the compliance with GRI Standards.

The report contains the necessary historical information to clearly show Grupo Chedraui’s progress in the material topics selected, which will remain in future editions, and was prepared in accordance with GRI Standards for consistency with the previous year.

In order to provide certainty and validity to this report, Grupo Chedraui has attached as sources of external verification, the letter from Vert, Desarrollo Sustentable, regarding the GRI methodology compliance, as well as the external audit report from Galaz, Yamazaki, Ruiz Urquiza, S. C., member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, regarding the Company's financial statements.

With the commitment to make the relevant annual information available to its stakeholders in the appropriate time and manner, in accordance with the generally accepted practices for the preparation of this type of documents, Grupo Chedraui began the preparation of this report in advance.


This material references Disclosures 102-55 of GRI 102: General Disclosures 2016