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Dear Shareholders

In the face of an extraordinarily challenging 2020, our priority at Grupo Chedraui has been to safeguard the well-being of our customers, suppliers, and employees. Thanks to our business model’s resilience and the timely deployment of mitigation strategies, we were able to effectively contain the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, I express my recognition to our employees for their outstanding commitment and thank our shareholders for their trust, the support of both has been crucial in these dire times.

About Chedraui

Grupo Comercial Chedraui, S.A.B. de C.V., commercially known as Chedraui, is a leading company in the Food Retail sector, in which it participates, through multiple formats, with its divisions in Mexico and the United States. In addition to its retail operation, the Company has a Real Estate division to operate shopping centers.

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Operating and Financial Performance

Consolidated Sales increased from Ps.129,443 million in 2019 to Ps.146,287 million in 2020, up 13.0% YoY (Guidance: 7% - 8%), mainly driven by higher demand in Mexico and the United States fueled by the context caused by COVID-19 backdrop, which was capitalized on through the timely execution of highly effective commercial strategies.

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The Company’s growth and success is attributed to the commitment and dedication of our team of collaborators, who, with their vast preparation and sense of responsibility, make up our main asset in an industry where customer communication is vital.

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Social responsibility

At Grupo Chedraui, we strive to always be an outstanding model in Corporate Social Responsibility. For this reason, we have undertaken several commitments in this area, which are outlined in our Code of Ethics.

The Chedraui Foundation is the core component of our Social Responsibility model, through which we keep a close relationship with our communities and provide educational, medical, housing, and food support, as well as social assistance, sustainable cooperation, and natural disaster relief. In this wise, including all of Chedraui Foundation contributions to education, health, nutrition, housing, social assistance, and natural disaster relief, a total of Ps.356,284,821 million was donated during 2020.